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warrior (2)

The warrior, one of our flag ship beers, the warrior is somewhere between an American and English style IPA, with the addition of local fruit juices that make this beer in a class all its own.  Clean forward malt flavor with fruity esters and a citrus hop finish. This beer will win you over with its well balanced flavor.

IPA   6.0 % ABV    1.057 OG   50 IBU   12 SRM  Strength – Med/Strong


snakeBelgian Ale

Snake Head is named after the Mayan serpent god that is so prominent here in the Mayan Riviera, as is the Vienna style beers that were brewed here in southern Mexico for so many years.  We stuck close to the tradition on this one, but with a local spice to make this beer unique. The malt complexity is forefront, with a sufficient hop bitterness and nice dry finish with a crystal clear light amber color.. A beer for any occasion.

Vienna Lager   5.1 % ABV   1.050 OG   24  IBU   10 SRM  Strength – Med 


ale-beer-glass-wheatLa Selva ( the jungle ) is the name for our American style wheat beer.  But the style is where it ends. The taste is all Mayan, as we infuse this beer with the wild oranges that grow here in the Mayan Jungle. This gives our wheat beer a very unique and local flavor that you will enjoy on the hot hot days we have here . Saludos

American Wheat   4.6 % ABV  1.049 16 IBU 7 SRM Strength – Light


 Jaguar Stout 

English Stout” Jaguar Stout” is our latest addition to the Mundo Maya lineup. A very creamy oatmeal style stout with low alcohol make this a hearty, drinkable beer for our cool winter climate, Hey it gets cool here!  Saludos  

Oatmeal stout ABV 4.6  1.049 24 IBU SRM 55 Strength- Light 

“More great beers in the works”